It is no secret the Goodwin Competition Extreme Marine Engines are the power chosen power for the new Platinum Series Skaters. Bill Pyburn has been the inspiration behind the Platnum Skaters, collaborating with master boat builder and president of Skater Powerboats, Peter Hledin. The new 1800+ horsepower engines are literally a behemoth to look at and have required just a little extra massaging to fit within the Skater 388’s engine bay. Pyburn has specified numerous unique attributes of the engines packaging configuration so the engines can be set extra deep in the boat to obtain an even lower center of gravity.

All to often some of the simplest things on the engine bring the largest interference’s when you place them in the boat. You have to re-route fittings for water, fuel. pulleys hit etc, etc. All of the lessons learned from before have been thought of and special considerations both on the boat side and engine side have been looked at to make this project come together and function.

For this the engine, 4-stage sea water pumps were designed with unique special brackets and Goodwin competition designed new pulleys to eliminate interference so commonly found by builders of cat boats. Peter has long been a wizard of boat set up, understanding exactly what his boats need to maintain the best attitude and extra effort and calculation have been taken to make sure this boat sets a new mark on the already overly remarkable Skater Pleasure boat performance scale.