I am not sure the guys at Performance Boat Center are going to lift the throttle at all, ever! This week the next deal in the portfolio at this Mid-West Powerboating Powerhouse is that they have acquired the business and property of the famous race and rigging team at Nauti Marine.

Performance Boat Center owner Brett Manier told us how excited he if for the success of this deal. “With their (Nauti Marine) racing knowledge and our “dealership” focus, we will be providing our customers the most comprehensive service team in the nation and the most advanced facility in the nation”

Nauti Marine has been the backbone support of David Scott’s famous racing teams and LOTO Shootout Record breaking boats for years. The combined high level rig and race knowledge coming from the talented team at this fun house of power is sure to bring a whole new level of professional competence to an already highly skilled group at Performance Boat Center.

The new Performance boat Center Service department is already busy with tons of service work to high end performance boats and cruisers. Now they can legitimately add race boats, and exotic work to their list.

Brett said the existing Nauti Marine Buildings will be added Performance Boat Centers Service department and the space allows for greater expansion for full re rig and race boat projects.

David Scott is part of the team and will serve in a sales and spokesperson role for Performance Boat Center and the Redhead Yacht Club.