The Swoop Motorsports team is bringing the power and speed to Desert Storm and LOTO for 2016! Bringing the big guns to this year’s events, Travis and Summer Richardson will be bringing their high performance DCB F-32 as well as their family’s 388 Skater “Dial 911” to the water in hopes of putting on an awesome show for the spectators while still having a blast themselves.

Planning on releasing their new top-of-the-line website and performance boating product line and apparel at Desert Storm in Lake Havasu City, the Richardsons knew they had to do something out of this world to bring it home. Summer a.k.a. Mrs. Swoop decided to approach her parents Don and Connie London (owner of the Dial 911 Skater) about running the 3600 HP Skater in this years shootouts.

After much consideration over safety issues and the like, Don and Connie agreed to let Summer take it out. With Summer in the Skater it was an easy decision for her dad, Don, to join the team as crew chief since he boasts a storied history of drag boat racing and performance boating since the 1980’s. With unparalleled mechanical knowledge and driving skills he will undoubtedly be the best person for the job.

Don and Travis started modifications to the Skater in lake January, in order to make the Skater better suited to Summer. They replaced the BAM transmissions with Velvet transmissions to handle the 3600 HP on the starting line, also adjusting the throttles, trim indicators, and drivers seat to better fit Summer’s body. Using PCI Race Radios, Summer and her team will be in constant communication for the entirety of the event.

Summer is no novice to speed however. In 2015 she took the Swoop Motorsports DCB F-32 to 143 MPH at Desert Storm and then to an even better 147 MPH at LOTO! While the “Dial 911” Skater is easily capable of posting speeds in excess of 200 MPH, Summer is looking to make safe runs and stay relatively within her comfort zone. The team completed their first test run in February and reported that it went flawlessly, with Summer taking the monster Skater from 40 MPH all the way to 165 MPH with ease.

Looking to put on a great show and build recognition for the sport and more importantly woman drivers, make sure you look for the Swoop Motorsports Team at the Desert Storm street show Thursday night in Lake Havasu where they will be showing off their amazing powerboats for everyone to see!