The Tetrahedron Super Yacht is like no other yacht on the water. Appearing to float above the water, the unique craft is designed using a hull made of a single vertical strut sitting on a submerged torpedo hull. Designed by Jonathan Schwinge of London, the boat can cruise at 43.7mph while above the waterline and has a range of 3,000 nautical miles.

“The vessel’s three-based pyramid shape consists of four faces and six leading edges that provide greater stability,” says Schwinge. (FOX NEWS) The ingenious design allows for the craft to lift itself out of the water using hydrofoils, resulting in smooth traveling even in rough water that would normally bring pitching and corresponding seasickness.

Even more impressive is the fact that the design still offers the usual amenities and luxuries typically found on any high end yacht. “The design is instigated by the rethinking of the form, superstructure and propulsion of the modern superyacht into a radically simple enclosure and an elevated mode of travel above the water line,” Schwinge said in a statement. (Fox News)

The yacht is currently being designed and developed in collaboration with a large superyacht yard and the price tag is expected to command the attention of billionaires and the like.