Innovation and change is what propels every industry, it is what drove Steve Jobs to never settle and to push the envelope to build Apple. Its the same drive you’ll find in Joseph A. Moch, President and CEO of Oliver Racing Parts, this driven motivation has him redefining internal engine components. A much nicer guy than Jobs (you did see the movie?), Joe recognized the merits of Oliver Racing and what they had developed over the last 30 years and set the course to propel their top level product to a new height of industry standard for a product that most would fear to challenge.

Joe pointed out that part of building great products is focus, finding and eliminating virtually every potential flaw possible and eliminating that from the products they build. That can only be done with the very latest in manufacturing and testing machinery as well as a staff that truly cares. When your products are the primary link and then continue to other multiple links in an engine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, then you better exceed your customers every need because your product is truly the real heart and soul of the engine and we know our customer is counting on us.

Joe exclaimed that anyone could make a connecting rod but less than half of a handful of people in the world could build the best connecting rods. Not because it wasn’t possible but that it takes such a high level of commitment, engineering, and development to be the very best. Joe said “we are passionate about being the best and being associated with the best engine builders is our companies focus.”

When we asked how have connecting rods changed over the years the answer was simple; strength and durability. “The connecting rod you bought as recent as five years ago doesn’t have the modern innovations today’s connecting rods deliver. There is a constant non-stop evolution to our products, six to ten years ago we were building connecting rods to live in 1000+ horsepower applications today we build products to live in applications 2000-3000HP applications and beyond.”

Connecting rods are just one of many products that Oliver Racing Parts will bring to the marine industry. Today if you’re looking for where you’ll find Oliver rods then just look to every major form of motorsports in America. Currently Oliver Rods are found in the 1600HP to 2500HP applications from the Likes of Chief Engines,BoostPower Marine, and Goodwin Competition.

We will be bringing you all of the latest developments with Oliver Racing so stay tuned