Whipple Industries at long last brings direct port EFI for the aftermarket

It has been a long time coming but at last a deep commitment from Whipple Industries has brought a great piece for the aftermarket. Whipple Industries has now given all the aftermarket the luxury only previously found on OEM based engines.

Getting aftermarket direct port fuel injection in a supercharged application required custom fabrication by premier engine builders or you were just forced to go to antiquated throttle body technology.

Today Whipple Superchargers, the twin-screw supercharging leaders have now developed an incredible universal manifold setup for multiple applications. This latest intake manifold offering will surely change the landscape of EFI supercharging and obsoleting old finicky carburetors.

If you have a traditional Big Block Chevrolet with virtually any force induction method, this port injected manifold will work with incredible efficiency.

Just a few of the exclusive features:
· Massive 3.25” Thick air-to-water intercooler core.

· Available in 9.8” or 10.2” deck heights.

· 671-1471 Bolt pattern for universal fitment.

· Just 6” of total height.

· 12AN in and out fittings.

· Multiple ports for sensors and gauges.

· Rectangle port fits 305-385cc type heads.

· Available with 8 injector or 16 injector setups.

· Extruded billet fuel rails.

· Available intercooled or non.

Leave it to Whipple to bring this great piece for all of us to propel our older boats up to the front with the new OEM stuff!