Hydraulic steering is not only the critical control piece of every high performance power boat its also one of the most common upgrades done to a boat that has made improvements in power and speed. Many sport boats and entry level boats that were equipped with smaller power options came equipped with manual cable steering. But as power boaters often enhance the engine performance of their boats the hydraulic steering upgrade is their first investment into the stability and safety to control the new speed of their boat. For the most part you can buy hydraulic steering systems as kits that come ready for installation. The one unique aspect of these installations is the assembly of steering hoses. For many this is a all new task and we thought what better way to aid in the assistance of this task by providing a quick tutorial on just how these fittings and hoses are assembled. Additionally, this is also a good quick pre-float check as over time these hoses can fail and the failure is usually near the fitting. The fix is quick and easy and can save your boating day as well as save your boat from a steering failure at speed.

Here’s a quick video that will explain just how to finish assembling a hydraulic hose fitting to the hi pressure steering hose provided in a common hydraulic steering system, enjoy!