One of the most commonly asked questions we get at powerboat nation is who makes the best this or the best that? How do I install a product? What should I do about this? When your a recognized expert the questions come and it seems our members either do a lot of their own service and repair work or would sure like to know how.

So rather than just talk about it, with our own team of product guru’s and the help of numerous industry professional that have offered to share their wealth of knowledge we will be turning out boat loads of video product reviews as well as some real trade secrets and some behind the scenes details that make some of our supporting staff the best at what they do.These videos will be short but super strong in knowledge and reliable content so we all hope you enjoy.

The objective is we will build a “How-to” and “Why somethings better” library that just can’t be matched anywhere. But best of all because we are in an interactive community we will field suggestions from you all to bring possible features you would like to see us cover. Keep in mind our goal is to just give you the added confidence to make the right maintenance or purchase decision when it comes to doing whats right for you and your boat.