That’s right, the Texas Outlaw Challenge and the Tickfaw Pirates are joining forces this year to bring you something better than ever. I honor of the 10th anniversary of the Texas Outlaw Challenge and the 26th anniversary of Tickfaw, Joey and Paul decided this year was as good as any to shake things up and do what we’ve only dreamed of!



Enter at either Tickfaw or Texas Outlaw Challenge.
Grand Prize GOLD awarded at Texas Outlaw Challenge in June.

If you attend Tickfaw in May and purchase your HIGH ROLLER entry there, you will receive an identifying gold nugget ring and draw 5 cards at that event as your special HIGH ROLLER hand.
If you also attend Texas Outlaw Challenge in June and show your gold nugget ring, you get to draw a second hand.

If you only attend Texas Outlaw Challenge in June and purchase a HIGH ROLLER entry, you will receive your gold nugget ring and only draw one hand.

If you only attend Tickfaw, you only pull one hand at Tickfaw.
We only carry over the highest single hand from Tickfaw since there is only one GOLD winner…(the highest hand pulled from the HIGH ROLLER entries from both events).

So, if you register into the game and attend both events, you get two chances to win the GOLD.

Tickfaw 200 and Texas Outlaw Challenge are two great boating events in neighboring States, one month apart….we are supporting each other and our combined guests.

FYI: HIGH ROLLER prize last year at the Texas Outlaw Challenge was $26K. (Yes, it ended up being anonymously donated to Charity)
We’ve never advertised the prizes at our events each year….it’s a Texas thing (EVERYTHING is BIG…we just don’t like to brag)

РPaul Robinson