Another great poker run took place this past weekend! The Precision Power Offshore Poker Run took place as part of the Muskegon Powerboat Weekend on June 18. West Michigan Offshore hosted the event on the Gold Coast of West Michigan, where performance powerboating reigns.

Saturday was the big day, with the poker run beginning at noon from Muskegon Lake. New stops were in White Lake and Grand Haven, and the 70-mile run finished back in Muskegon.  Approximately 75 boats were lucky to have an unusually calm day on the water to run all around Lake Michigan.

West Michigan Offshore, the area’s one-year-old powerboat club that already has around 200 members, put on the event, which also included a Friday night offshore street party featuring 16 of the area’s hottest boats. 

By all accounts, this was an incredible summer weekend in Michigan and everyone who attended had a great time.  A special thank you goes out to the event’s Principal sponsor Precision Power Offshore .

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