In the other side of my life I work with the technical details of Cruise Ships. Massive Horsepower, multiple engines, automation, and the ability to maneuver with pinpoint accuracy. In a recent Cyber Security meeting we had a detailed discussion with regard to VPN’s, Remote Access Controls, and fire walls. The reason is major engine manufacturers have the ability to remote access their engines anywhere in the world to check on operational status, make adjustments to operating parameters, download data, upload new software and have the ability to take control of the engines from thousands of miles away. Additionally, many of us are driving cars which have remote access abilities and simple function controls from any smart phone.

My first thought was how simple this technology is and since big power in the Performance Powerboating world is super expensive why doesn’t someone have this capability. So I asked the guys at Chief Hi- Performance a simple question and I got a simple answer…”We do have this option on our engines and as a matter of fact we have done this in the past.” stated Tommy Hofstetter of Chief Hi-Performance.

When the Honey Party 39 Skater was racing in Great Britain Tommy logged into the engine from his home in Florida while the boat was racing in England. He was able to monitor all aspects of the engines performance live and could have if needed changed settings on the engines while it was running in the race.

Honey Party

This remote monitoring and assistance system is cost effective and invaluable for the active powerboater who is on the move. With the addition of a remote access module to your engines management system the guys at Chief Hi Performance can dial up your engine as soon as you arrive at a new location and modify any one of the MAPS to get the best performance while you are there. Even better is if you have a problem you can make a simple phone call and have Chief call the engine up to see what is really happening with the engine.

This is simple technology but it will only work when you have the high level of dedicated customer service that you get from a custom engine builder like Chief Hi-Performance who will always be there to answer the phone regardless of the day or time of day.

Maybe you can’t start your custom power from your phone (yet) but you can sure use your engines cell phone number as a tool to get the best performance possible and to ensure all is good before you get on plane!