We’re entering into the holiday season and that means it’s time to start thinking about what’s coming in the next few months leading into the start of the new year. With winter creeping upon us, powerboaters are either beginning to or already have winterized their boats in preparation for the freezing temperatures and harsh storms. Those that have the luxury of being in a fairly warm climate are still feeling the impact as there are fewer boating events happening around the country and with less people in attendance in general. However, those that are still out there come rain or shine, or snow and a lot worse have a few annual events to look forward to like the Boating Toys for Tots Tour hosted by the U.S. Marines in ¬†Florida. This tour is a great way for the powerboating community to give back and help children in need have the holiday season they deserve.

We also have the annual New Years Day adventure to Sarasota for the Joey Gratton Memorial fun run that is a must attend for Powerboat Nation and our loyal followers.

As with any holiday we also have the introduction of new products by various companies, and if not an actual product release then the preview for what to expect in the coming months to build anticipation. In particular, the team at Hardin Marine has alluded to more than just one game changing product release expected to debut in spring at the Miami International Boat Show. So grab your stocking stuffers today but keep an eye out for what’s coming.

We’re always happy to see boaters brave the weather, or if you’re in say Miami, enjoy the great weather as usual; and we wish everyone a great holiday season and can’t wait to see you out on the water the next chance we get!