Innovation and forward leaning seems to always be the critical thinkers path is improvement and making our daily lives better.  In today’s world most people relate directly to technology, smart phones, autonomous operations, digital awareness, and everything else that continues to push us toward singularity.

Well guess what, even in today’s advanced world we can still keep it easy and when my friend Kort Wittich and his team showed us his new patent pending  outboard engine fendering system  “The Motor Monkey” it was another Aha moment of how very simple things make our lives so much easier and less expensive.

Kort is from Louisiana and for years the boaters of this region have stern moored to docks along the rivers and bayous to conserve dock space and just make things easier.  The new outboard engine rage does not allow for this arrangement without the potential  for serious and expensive damage to the engine cowlings.

Rather than just complain about it these guys developed a solution and invented a unique and versatile fendering solution for outboard engines.  The Motor Monkey.  A simple design and fits the engine cowling with ease and can be left on the engines while running.  The highly resistant materials surrounding a neoprene core offers a trouble free and great looking fendering solution for the owners of all these new outboard boats.

You can pre order The Motor Monkey online today in blue or black and if your are at the Miami Boat Show look for The Motor Monkey  in E Tent Booth E164   and check them out on the Performance Boat Centers 360 Wright Performance and 32 Sunsation on display in the water at booth 573 and 574.