Sunsation Powerboats‘ partner Jared Morris has gone awhile without a brand new Sunsation to ride around in because they are so damn busy building new boats for customers they haven’t had time to build one for him.

This changed when Jared forced a new build with some incredibly special features. This new 34 CCX “Diamond Edition” features some very custom interior features done by Waves and Wheels. The full Alcantara XO material with incredibly detailed stitching and design has set a new standard for these CCX interiors. In addition to the upholstery, Waves and Wheels installed one of their remarkable stereo systems as well as Sea Deck Flooring. The ultra unique custom paint was handled by Clayton at Custom Colors.

The Waves and Wheels options are now a feature Sunsation has available for all new Sunsation builds made available through a new partnership Sunsation has developed with Waves and Wheels.

Sunsation has also modified the full fiberglass top to actually provide lift characteristics to the boat and make it become a functional piece of how the boat rides and handles. Running triple 400R Mercury Racing outboards has pushed the boat to a top speed of 90.999 MPH with a special setup.

We cant wait for LOTO because we already have this boat on the ride list. If you are wondering, the boat is not for sale… Well, not just yet, unless you make Jared an offer he can’t refuse.  Jared said he wants to be able to actually have some fun with it because he knows if he sells it now it will be a long time before he is able to force another one just for him. Sunsation is built out until August of 2017, making the wait for a new boat a long and anxious process.