VIDEO: 14 Year Old Chases Boat Thieves w/Drone

VIDEO: 14 Year Old Chases Boat Thieves w/Drone

There’s nothing more impressive than fourteen-year-old Christopher Harris having the quick thinking to follow a pair of suspected boat thieves with his drone after he spied them tying up his family’s zodiac to their vessel before taking off with it in tow.

Christopher promptly launched his helicopter drone and followed them as far as the drone’s range would allow before alerting the police to the final direction and suspected landing point of the thieves.

“I was thinking that over the water was the best way to follow them, because the islands are too dense with trees,” he said. “Once they’re on land, they’re gone.”

Thanks to Christopher, the police were able to intercept the thieves at their intended point of landing and after a short period of time the couple confessed to having stolen the zodiac as well as the larger 18-foot boat that they used to tow it.