TICKFAW 200, 200 MILES, 200 BOATS, 2000 PEOPLE

24 Years ago Charlie AKA “Crazy Charlie” began a tradition that has grown and grown and is now one of the most talked about and attended powerboating events in the country.

Today, I talked with Casey Harrison, Casey is the Vice President of the Tickfaw 200 and he told me that after the passing of Charlie he helped keep the event going and raised the awareness to take it to the next level.

This year even with some chilly weather to start, “we definitely had the best year ever” according to Casey. “We sold 263 card hands, with at least 200 boats, and were able to raise $15K for the local water patrol. Everything went smooth and it was a great time.”

The Tickfaw 200 is certainly Louisiana’s Premiere Power Boat Poker Run. It is a two day event. Based out of the Blood River Landing, a private marina area with the Fun House bar that only opens to the public for this event every year. Tickfaw 200 | Blood River Marina

I had friends who attended tell me there were as many as 2000 people at the fun house with at least 40 Motor homes and more Cigarettes rafted together in one spot than they had ever seen before.

With over 200 miles of running and a couple thousand people attending this is an event that I will not miss next year. I have never been and I need to fix that.

A big hand to Casey, his crew and everyone else who has kept the dream alive for Crazy Charlie and everyone else who loves the life.