Pilot Glen Wilson and “Toxic Rocket” owner Joe Cassidy along with the entire dedicated crew were very satisfied with the boats performance at this weekends race. The race weekend turned out to be a long and at times difficult process. Heavy winds caused delays, competitors hit the timing lights, and some spectacular crashes slowed the process down considerably. But the hard work of the Lucas Oil Race Course Crew made it all work. Glen had to wait for wind during qualifying and lost the warm up temperature which is vital to get the best performance out of the engine. When he fired he left good but the motor kicked the blower belt and Glen had to shut it down. The run did get them qualified and they were able to meet Problem Child in Round one driven by Daryl Ehrlich.

The Toxic rocket had probably it’s best pass on the new hull turning in a 3.922 ET @ 213.736 MPH, Daryl ran a better 3.823 ET @ 260.236 which also gave him a “leg” on the Miles per hour world record. “Currently held by Problem Child ” at 258.264 MPH” set August 2011 at the Marble Falls, Lakefest”. Although they lost the round, the team was very excited that all the hard work so far including the testing at Lake Ming has payed off, delivering them the sub 4 second pass. They were given the opportunity to run an exhibition pass since it is vital to have the Lucas oil safety crew on site whenever they run. The exhibition pass proved they have worked out the launch issues and even though they had a cylinder out from the hit Glen ran a monster pass of 3.845 ET @ 223.547 MPH. This confirmed that the Toxic Rocket is here to be a top contender this season.]

Problem Child defeated Hot licks driven by Kevin Burgess in round two and went on to take the win against Tequila Sunrise driven by Bryan Sanders.

Reported by Frank Robinson.

Here are the crackers

Here is Glen Wilsons exhibition run