Toddler Rescued 1 Hour Later from Air Pocket Found Inside Capsized Florida...

Toddler Rescued 1 Hour Later from Air Pocket Found Inside Capsized Florida Boat

This weekend as the Bossard family made their way back home on the Indian River in Brevard County, their boat struck power lines causing the boat to flip, throwing the entire family into the dark waters.

Rescue operations were mounted quickly and within a short time the two adults and one child were rescued from the boat. However, despite all of the confusion, it was not long before Tammy Bossard realized that her 23-month old daughter was still missing.

“We heard (her) crying and we couldn’t find her,” Bossard said. ” I jumped in the water and tried to search but couldn’t hear where the crying was coming from.”

Rescuers and authorities spent almost an hour searching for the girl in the waters surrounding the boat to no avail before Officer Matt Rush and Cpl. Alan Worthy were able to locate the girl trapped under the boat. She had spent the entire time surviving in a the only air pocket created when the boat flipped over.

Saved by the life jacket her parents had put on her before setting out, the girl was in remarkably good condition all things considered. The family was taken to the hospital for evaluations following the accident but there were not serious injuries.

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