Chief Turbo Engines has taken its rightful place as one of the performance marine industry’s ultimate, alternative turbo charged engine provider. While turbo charged engines are nothing new to the Chief Performance team, recent years have made the turbo engine somewhat of a staple to the elite performance marine market place.  Numerous failures of OEM factory built, turbocharged engines have have created an insatiable interest in alternative approaches to developing high horsepower, turbocharged engines .

While turbocharged engines have proved their merit in horsepower, it’s mostly the reliability that customers seek. While the OEM packages have stated warranties, these warranties seem to vanish for so many when engine failure ends up sending the entire unit back to the factory for actual repair. This recurring failure to support boaters has the industry turning to the prestigious South Florida Shop, Chief Performance. Chief founder, Tommy Hofstetter, is as excited as ever that he is not only turning out more turbocharged engines than ever, but that his engines are proven to bring huge horsepower and tenacious reliability to the market. Chief Performance has made it a standard to provide customers hundreds of hours of trouble free boating.

We caught up with Tommy and his crew during the final Dyno testing of one of these 572 cubic inch master pieces at his Fort Lauderdale shop.  Hiding in plain sight beyond the beautifully polished hardware is the brain of these engines; The Chief Engine Management System.  Tommy’s talent, expertise, and relentless drive to make this the very best system available, brings together unique technologies in perfect harmony.  Through this, Chief Engine Management Systems continuously achieve exceptionally high performance while also monitoring the engines, sensing problems, providing warnings, and automatically providing a variety of inputs to the engine in order to prevent the engine from hurting itself. These same features can be found in the very best of racing and OEM engine technology today.

At last the marine industry is seeing the same performance luxuries as found in their automotive counterpart. Similar to Dodge’s “Hellcat” platform where swapping keys allows customers access to dual power levels, Chief Performance has also incorporated a new, similar feature on their latest engines. They have given owners the ability to run pump fuel at 1350 HP, and then with a simple key fob insert, bump up to 1550 HP.  With the installation of an additional fuel tank you can quickly change from 1350 HP to 1550 HP without a second thought.

Tommy also points out that having been part of rigging both OEM powered turbo boats, as well as his own packages, Chief Performance turbo engine packages ease of installation is superb. Tommy says, “Compared to other turbo charged options, Chief’s engine size and configuration allows for simple and direct installation, sometimes saving as much as $30K in installation modifications alone”.

All of these truly innovative features combine to give anyone with a Chief Turbo Engine a truly competitive edge in any boating environment.