If you’re a Hot Boat enthusiast and you live anywhere from Southern Oregon to Western Nevada and even all the way down to the middle of California then you may have been one of the packed crowd that attended this year’s Camp Far West Hot Boat event.

Last year’s event seemed packed even with unusually low water levels but the massive storms that came just a couple of weeks in advance of the event this year brought the reservoir up to spring levels which made for some wild four boat passes.

The event brings everything from your neighbors jet boat to some of the Wests premium hardware for a pure all for fun, run what ya brung kind of shoot out. From triple digit passes to boats on fire (which we sadly did not catch on film) we saw it all in the span of a day.

But truly the best part of it all is the spectators. This event has grown to be maybe one of the single biggest Hot Boat spectator events around. There are many more people at this event than even a NJBA event . While being on New Years day leaves many a bit groggy from the night before it doesn’t slow the sportsmanship or camaraderie. If you ever find yourself in this part of the country on New Years Day this is a must see event.