Hold on to your screens, because they’re about to get an old fashioned Texan flyby. Yes, we have real and current video coverage of the hottest powerboating event at the moment: The Texas Outlaw Challenge. We know you’ve seen a couple quick pics, and maybe you’ll read about it again in some publication a month or two from now, but we’ve got the fresh scoop to keep that attention span sated and that thirst for the water slaked.

We know it’s easy to get side tracked from the actual poker run at the Texas Outlaw Challenge with all the things going on at once. From over the top mansion parties to 200+ MPH runs (¬†Shootout shoutout to Win Farnsworth! ), it’s almost like there’s too much awesomeness in one place. No such thing exists, but hey, this comes close. Still, the heart of the event is the poker run, not to mention the charity causes that the huge sums of money are raised for. So relive the magic with our video below. We hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it.

Special thanks to John Woodruff for providing the lift in his stunning Bell Jet Long Ranger helicopter.