This year’s Duval Street Parade was off the hook! Just as in years past the streets were flooded with thousands of boaters and partiers mingling among the race boats and raucous bars lining the streets. With all the teams showing off their boats and setups you couldn’t walk ten feet without running into the next racing team hyping up the crowd and talking to their fans about the races past and those to come. It was great to see The Performance Boat Center Team all set up to go with the brand new 388 SKATER and many others posing for pictures and having a great time with the other crews the day before the big finals.

The PBN crew made there way through the crowds with the usual cannon toting entourage including the jaw dropping Powerboat Nation Girls. It was like Mardi Gras in the fall with people pouring our of bars and hanging out on balconies high above the awesome chaos below. Brad Schoenwald and the girls made sure to launch more that just a few T-Shirts and PBN beach balls into the crowd, even firing some at the fans up on the balconies. Even the guys over at STIHL Racing were great sports and let the PBN Girls climb up onto their 388 SKATER Race Boat to launch beach balls at partiers down below. Brad’s long time friend, STIHL throttleman, Mark Kowalski was as generous as ever allowing the girls on the deck of his race boat.

The Powerboat Nation Crew ended the night at the iconic Durty Harry’s where a great crowd was rocking to classics all night long. The band broke out the cult classic American Girl as the PBN Girls Brittany and Heather walked on stage for a few songs to get the crowd really involved. With the dance floor filled and all of the tables occupied it made for a great venue to usher in the true American past time of powerboat racing’s finals the next day.

Just another outstanding Powerboating night and Powerboat Nation was again leading the charge to ignite the life of Performance Powerboating!