PBN TV is still packing in the content from the Miami Boat Show. We’ve gone through a lot of stuff so far: The Cigarette 42 Huntress, 42 Huntress GTO and AMG–Cigarette 50 Marauder, testing out the awesome 426 SKATER and 32 Sunsation CCX from Performance Boat Center,  and what could be the mother of all center consoles, the 45 Nor-Tech, and the very unique new 478 V-Bottom. The last couple boats we checked out in Miami were a pair of Center Consoles from Blackwater and Deep Impact. To say these boats were versatile would be an understatement. Power, Luxury, Range, and more, these boats covered all the bases.

2017 continues to provide Powerboat Nation with more and more opportunities to deliver what has made us the leader in exclusive action packed, made-for-television content. While our editorial team is still bringing you the hottest happenings daily, we are most excited to share with you the true experiences of the boats as well as show you the sights and sounds of what its like to actually be there.

We hope you enjoy the ride and maybe get a couple of laughs along the way. Stay tuned!