Maybe it’s just us here at PBN, but as we watch the automotive industry flourish with the very latest technology, it is a fact that many of the world’s fastest cars all use LS engine power and we just can’t quite wrap our heads around what’s happening to the sterndrive world. Its like a time warp.

We are still trying to sell 50 year old engine technology (the same old stuff your granddad had) with a more modern fuel injection hat on top of it. These days you literally have to change the type of boating you do and either jump ship to modern outboard technology or buy it in a new wake board boat to get modern engine technology. Lets face it the sterndrive boating world was built on the back of GM engines and we flourished. But when GM said “Put that old beast out to pasture.” this industry just couldn’t let go. So we continue to try and sell old engine designs  in new fancy colors and act like the consumer doesn’t know? Why are we acting like boaters don’t understand?  Amazing power house companies like Penske recognize the future of the industry and equip every new Mastercraft boat with one. Heck, when we bring new technology to market the boating world eats it alive. Look what the QV4 Turbo engines did for the big boat market. Look what the new outboards have done for center consoles.

Boats don’t drive this industry propulsion and power drive this industry and until the giants that directs the path this whole market slows down.  So ask yourself, where are the talented individuals that brought us these engine groups referenced and how long will we have to wait for this industry to recognize what is happening in rest of the modern engine world?