Not even one year after Wake Effects made the game changing decision to take the next step and become and MTI dealer, Rusty Rahm and the team at the Lake of the Ozarks dealership are breaking new ground in the racing sector. They are officially making plans to compete in an offshore race this season. However, they won’t be making this new journey alone. Teaming up with them is veteran offshore racer Randy Kent of Marine Concepts who’s 44-foot MTI will be the race boat selected for this season.

Venturing into uncharted waters, the daunting task of developing a relevant and worthwhile racing team will be made considerably easier with Kent’s help. Yet even more impressive is the team’s decision to develop and work on building a brand new top-of-the-line MTI to compete at the highest level possible in the superboat class in 2017. With such a dedicated staff already on hand, many of whom are top Mercury-certified technicians, filling the roster for the racing team was a cinch. With Jamie Depew leading the charge as crew chief followed by the rest of the Wake Effects team, there is no doubt they will be a force to contend with right out of the gate.

Despite how prepared they may be, Rahm is making sure the team takes it slow and gets their feet wet, so to speak, before jumping into a full, bone jarring season of superboat racing. They plan on only doing a few races this year beginning with June’s local Lake Race in order to give Rusty a chance to get a feel for it. Luckily, with Kent’s extensive racing experience and also the fact that he has spent the better part of a year getting the boat dialed in and performing perfectly, Rusty will have the luxury of focusing solely on perfecting his racing skills and strategy without having to worry about the setup.

Also offering their expertise along with parts and performance insight are Randy Scism and Bob Bull who have been on board with Kent for the past few years. With such wealth of knowledge, and the perfect platform on which to apply, we can surely expect great things to come from the Wake Effects team for the next several years. And of course, we can’t wait to see that new MTI in 2017!