The 2016 gathering of Skater Powerboat owners on Lake St. Clair near Detroit was again another HUGE success. Hosted by Skater aficionado, Ron Szolak, nearly 40 Skaters of all ages and sizes tore up the local waters and showed why Skater as abrand and community is so highly regarded.  Skater Powerboats owner Peter Hledin was on hand and spoke to me about how the people are really what makes the difference.  According to Peter, talking and really listening to the Skater owners is really what makes him so grateful for all that has gone into the boats. It’s all about how well the boats handle and how much fun the owners have with all of their friends and family.  Whether new or old, big or small, it really doesn’t matter.  The common denominator is everyone enjoying their time together on and off the water, united in the single bond of camaraderie and like minded fun!

Peter did tell me how impressed he was watching the 30 foot Skater with 300 Outboards recently purchased by Devin Wozencraft run alongside the bigger boats in what can be best described as uncomfortable water.  Peter said he was actually surprised how well the boat handled the water and was able to maintain speed right up there with  much bigger and more powerful boats with an owner who just recently bought the boat and has only a few hours running it.

Manufacturer gatherings are not something new or out of the ordinary but one that is so well regarded and hosted by a boat owner and advocate is something different than all the rest. It is truly a testament to the brand unique bond held by these boat owners.

A big special thanks to Pete Boden of Shoot2Thrill Pix for posting all of his great shots in the PBN photo galleries! Be sure to check them out below!