The world and passion of powerboating can take us down many roads in life and recently at the Powerboating for a Cure run a special couple allowed all of us there to share in their journey.

Three years prior at the same run Michael Nix met a girl.  Ashley Dyer — This was Ashley’s first run and her introduction to the powerboating world.  From that first meeting a relationship began between the two and the world of powerboating became more clear to both of them.

After a few years Michael began to move ahead and was ready to buy the “RING”… but when a drive blew on his 358 Sonic he needed to buy a gimbal housing, upper shaft  and a gimbal ring, only a month before the run.  Since the boats “RING” blew it created a perfect not enough money rouse to postpone the other “RING”  purchase.   Ashley, supportive, sweet, and patient waited and waited.  Only to find out the coup was to divert her attention until the right time.

The right time was at the three year anniversary of their first meeting at the Powerboating for a Cure Poker Run.  Michael had it all planned, a gag award was created and when called up front to receive the award Michael surprised everyone with a proposal at the poker run.

Congratulations to you both and we look forward to a PowerBoat Wedding!