AEM Performance Electronics the Leader in Engine Management Joins PBN

AEM Performance Electronics the Leader in Engine Management Joins PBN

With our storied background in marine performance, it’s our goal to align ourselves and our brand with those brands that not only are involved in the marine, powerboat world, but also the people that aim to improve it. AEM is just that. While AEM Performance Electronics is not a new company, it may seem new to the marine industry. AEM has been innovating performance racing engine management systems for over 15 years. The brand was born out of necessity by actual racers that recognized the off-the-track market place was behind in the technology needed at that time. AEM cut its teeth providing engine management systems and more. They particularly excelled in the innovations sector, as they produced a number of original innovations first introduced to the racing world.

AEM has been a best kept secret among the world’s top engine builders. Companies such as BoostPower USA and Goodwin Competition have kept this technology as one of their secret weapons for years. But with the marine industry held captive by the OEM engine management systems and its limitations, the world is screaming for the flexibility of a reliable EMS (engine management system). Not to mention the improved features of a replacement system, the timing has never been better than now.

AEM is the best at what they do. Committed wholly to the marine market place, they are going to change it and how we view our engine tuning, performance, as well as ease of use. AEM’s experts are innovators and  we’re going to take look at what makes them so incredible and invaluable to the industry.

AEM understands that we are the biggest, best content outlet for anything in the boating industry so it’s no question why they want to be a part of the Nation. We are beyond optimistic that they will continue to turn heads with our help. Let’s get boating!