When it comes to creative digital marketing Powerboat Nation rules the marine industry worldwide. As we embarked on the project of providing our loyal supporters of this years Powerboat Nation party with recognizable media, we knew it wasn’t going to come in the form of some old vinyl banner.

In the modern media world printing anything is old, stale, and doesn’t have anything close to the pass on rate of digital imaging. We all know we would rather watch exciting boating anything rather than just read about it right? Powerboat Nation is known for producing more video media content than nearly everyone else combined in this marketplace. So once again we are leading the way forward to show how digital branding can be incorporated into a variety of forms. We knew as the guys who put a boat on the roof of a club on Ocean Drive in Miami’s South Beach that we now brought more than just an image to the screens of one of the hottest known clubs in the world.

In this case it meant producing full 1080p HD Video Logo Banners for our sponsors. Painfully produced by our own in house genius Creative Development and Visual Effects department, these videos bring flair and class to these honored sponsors.