“Quality” is what Marc Berman of BAM Marine yells over the drone of the his In-House CNC Machining Centers whirring in the background. We showed up unannounced to see just how things are really going at the BAM marine headquarters. Marc has a lot going on and he is always up to something new and different. Stepping away from the hum of his CNC machines that are spitting are spitting aluminum and steel chips in the thousands per minute we get a chance to really hear whats up.

Marc points out that his in house production is enabling him to keep tight quality controls on the transmission components that are part of the building for the Cyborg Series of transmissions. The Latest HP version has them working overtime and they excited about their latest offerings. Marc also has some new news coming in a few weeks that will again bring a higher reliability to the HP Marine world.

Always an innovator and thinking of how things can be better we can always count on Marc Berman and his team at BAM Marine to bring us new and exciting products to make our boating life better than ever.

Stay tuned to Powerboat Nation to learn what BAM has coming next.