As we promised, BBlades is making a big change in the world of propellers. This announcement comes after much demand and extensive testing. The BBlades Blaster Outboard Propeller just got a new feature! The ultimate go-fast out board propeller just got better. This 4 blade “Chopper” style propeller allows the performance minded boater the ability to raise their engine heights for optimum top end speeds. The “Lab Finished design has custom blade geometry and perfect balance for unreal acceleration and extreme top end speeds. Superb hole shot performance and fantastic trim reaction make this propeller a true Blaster! ”

Showcased at the Miami Boat Show, this great new prop will NOW be available at Single-Inch Increments! Before, the Pitch was only available at 2” increments between 24”-32”. Yes, between 24” and 32”, the BBlades Blaster is now available in Odd-Inch pitch increments! For more information, visit BBlades booth, # 4066, where Brett and his crew will be proudly showcasing this Big announcements. The Miami Boat show will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, February 12-16, 2015.