Attention to detail, planning, and preparedness are too simple of words to explain the lengths to which CIGARETTE goes through to get ready for the Miami Boat Show.

Considered the biggest, best, and most important boat show in the world. CIGARETTE RACING TEAM owner Skip Braver and his team leave no detail to chance. Beginning at the end of the show the year before Skip and his dedicated crew review how things went and begin to look to how the following year should be.

Cigarette is a premier luxury brand of power boating world wide so its no surprise the company it keeps when it comes to elite brands are the worlds very best. The boats, the power in the boats, the theme, and of course the always highly anticipated reveal that takes place with CIGARETTES strategic partners in the world of luxury brands, most notable Mercedes-AMG.

CIGARETTE goes to such extreme detail they actually examines the quality of the carpet for the floor and painstaking makes sure the color, print and pattern will compliment the rest of the booth. But this is just one detail as Cigarette vets every aspect and every vendor to make sure the quality of the first boat they build in a season still exits in the last build. I guess this attention to detail is to be expected as the boats themselves speak to the commitment to quality coming from this iconic Miami boat manufacture.

Past Miami Boat Shows have brought us incredible reveals and fabulously over the top parings of boats and autos. This year get ready, we have already told you to expect the reveal of a brand new boat model and you go the sneak peak of the highly anticipated AMG/CIGARETTE reveal for 2015.

On Thursday, 12 February The world reveal of the new Cigarette Boat Model and the highly anticipated reveal where two legendary brands will unite once again to present the Mercedes-AMG GT S and the Cigarette Racing 50′ Marauder GT S Concept.

A look back at previous years attractions from CIGARETTE