Boaters know that propellers are the easiest and least expensive way to improve boat performance and boaters in the know, know that winter is the best time to have BBLADES Professional Propellers inspect, repair or improve their favorite wheel.

During the slower winter months the highly-skilled technicians at BBLADES can renovate and restore banged-up blades to like-new condition, or custom tweak extra performance from a prop through “Lab Finishing”. So between New Year’s Day and February 28, 2018, BBLADES will do so at a discounted hourly rate of just $85.00 – $20 an hour off the regular rate.

Take advantage of the slower winter months and have propeller work done while your boating buddies are just dreaming about their next run. Don’t be forced to wait in line when spring rolls around, get your propeller work done until February 28th for a special price!

BBLADES can perform magic on almost any propeller– aluminum or stainless steel – from any manufacturer, inspecting for dents, dings and cracks the owner may not even know are there until they hit the water…when it’s too late.


Those needing replacement wheels can order on line, where BBLADES offers its own line of performance propellers; competitive pricing on most major brands, and can match the perfect prop to your boat through free consultation or the propeller demo program that allows boaters to “try before you buy.”

It’s never too early to start planning for your next boat outing, so BBLADES suggests avoiding the spring rush and taking advantage of its winter service discount.

For more information, join us at or by calling 920-295-4435. BBLADES can also be found on Facebook.