When you combine the premier service center, product offerings and customer loyalty of Performance Boat Center with the legendary brand of Cigarette boats, you have a pretty much guaranteed recipe for success. So it was nice to see that both went above and beyond the call of duty to create a quality, memorable event:

It was a prolific weekend for boaters, with some racking up the MPH at the Texas Outlaw Challenge while others had a more leisurely affair at the Lake Cumberland Thunder Run. But those who have experienced the Cigarette brand before are generally customers for life, so it’s unsurprising that they had an enclave loyal and large enough to warrant its own event.

Over 55 Cigarettes, new and old were spotted on the relaxed waters of the Lake of the Ozarks. We doubt you’ll find a higher concentration anywhere else, with a camaraderie and shared love for their passion to match.

We knew things would go off without a hitch with Performance Boat Center (PBC) involved. Today when we talked to Cigarette owner Skip Braver he could not stop throwing accolades and compliments PBC’s way. Extra thanks were heaped on owners Brett Manire and Mark Waddington, names well known to customers in the area. “This was the most incredible run I have ever been to. We had happy Cigarette owners everywhere. The egos were left on the dock,” said Skip. He praised the family style fun run and added, “I can’t give Performance Boat enter enough credit or accolades for how well they performed.”

PBC Owner Brett Manire was equally enthusiastic. “A great time was had by all,” he exclaimed before summarizing with “minimum anxiety, maximum fun,” a maxim that seems to fit Performance Boat Center‘s customer satisfaction as well. He noted that one Cigarette owner hauled his boat over 14 hours to make it out, and expressed the honor of hosting such an iconic run.

As for next year? Brett definitely hopes for a similar repeat in success, and hopefully with less schedule conflicts permitting. If all goes to plan look out for a 2001 Red & White Cigarette Top Gun with a Powerboat Nation logo emblazoned on the bow. We don’t just praise them for no reason; we live the Cigarette difference and know exactly what it means to say “I own a Cigarette” – clearly so did all at this unique community event. Looking forward to more! Photos below.

You can check out and share more photos of the event here on our forums.