This might be a cliché when it comes to grassroots boating events, but unless you’ve seen it from the beginning you can’t appreciate how far the Texas Outlaw Challenge has come. Paul Robinson has built the event into a modern day boating pilgrimage. The extravagance and community participation can’t be denied with over 200 boats registered for the event. There’s a good reason that number’s so high:

We can tell you from first hand experience that the level of support from the community and sponsors in the area is unparalleled. It seems like the whole town is in on the event with how many things there are to do and see. Five star restaurants, a bustling night life, amusement parks, and a healthy offering of local music & culture ensure that you’ll be keeping the party going even off the water. The location truly captured the essence of a Poker Run Village.

Besides a few other challenger regions like the Key West, you’d be hard pressed to find a location with an event hosting such a wide array of pleasure boats and high end cars. We had the Powerboat Nation event trailer on site and Wynn Farnsworth displayed his stunning >200 MPH turbine boat. Chris Bradley shuttled in his latest collection of exotic vehicles, from a custom Lamborghini Huracan to Ferraris to the latest 426 Skater.

Last but not least, the shootout itself didn’t disappoint one bit either. Records were shattered with the two Top Gun Outlaws Wynn Farnsworth in his 50 Mystic and Kenny Mungle in his Gone Again 32 Skater, knocking out 201.8 MPH and 185 MPH respectively. It wasn’t just a premier performance boating event; it was a quintessential sampling of Houston, Texas and a great representation of the Lone Star State. We can’t wait for the next incarnation.