Big? Bigger? The biggest party? The facts are when it comes to generosity and hosting a massive event, Kenny Armstrong sets the golden standard. For this year’s Texas Outlaw Challenge, which is one big sprawling Texas Style Boating Party in of itself, fellow powerboater enthusiast Kenny Armstrong chose to not only open up his home to friends and guests alike but to create a summer wonderland with eye candy straight out of a Powerboater’s Playboy Mansion.

So, here’s the “typical” itinerary of one of Kenny’s parties: you invite 500 of your closest friends to come by land, sea and air. If by water you raft up next to the 175+ guests in their swanky assortment of high performance and pleasure boats. If by land you park along the long winding gated entry to the fortress, and if by air you land your helicopter next to the five others on the lawn. No biggie. Next you bring in five different catered meals for the guests from prime rib, to Mexican food, to fresh ahi tuna. Knowing you might be parched from the day’s hot weather Kenny stocks every corner of the event with bartenders and literally 5′ tall mountains of premium Vodka. The refreshments are as plentiful as the water out here.

Now, wanting to make sure everyone has achieved optimum comfort levels, crowds of people pour into an exquisite pool complete with water slide and bubbles machine. A DJ booth provides aural maintenance by spinning tunes. Last but not least, an optical tuneup is provided as the professional U.S. Bikini team come and strut their stuff for a complete show to be voted on by the visitors.

But hey, let’s say you are not quite tall (or active) enough to take in all this palatial estate has to offer. Don’t worry because two of the five helicopters parked in the yard provide complimentary rides ALL DAY LONG.

These words can’t really leave an impression remotely close to the true over the top nature of this party. And of course, it is all the courtesy of Kenny Armstrong himself. All praise to the party master.

Enjoy the video – truth be told, if you can imagine anything from the writeup alone then you know one thing for sure – you don’t want to miss next year.