DCB was a company that cut its teeth with outboards in its earliest days, so while the market ebbed and flowed, the return of big outboard horsepower is welcomed more than anyone by this dedicated team of power aficionados.

Many OEM’s are trying to grab on and ride the outboard wave, but the challenges of setting up these boats truly takes something you can’t just buy. It takes experience. For the DCB team they take pride in making sure their boats are dialed in to the max for each and every customer. Some manufactures take boats and hand them to their respective customer to let the customer do the tedious dial in work. The problem is that the customer really doesn’t know all that’s required to get it to optimal performance.

After the recent data acquisition story we ran on DCB, we pushed Jeff Johnston of DCB to define just what lengths they go to as to assure their customer is getting something unique, and why they feel no other boat builder invests this same amount of time as they do.

Jeff points out that DCB’s customer delivery experience is something that their brand is not only recognized for, but famous for. Jeff says they invest a huge amount of time perfecting the set-up of each boat so that this isn’t a cookie cutter deal. Due to the customization of their boats, there are often minor tweaks to the set up of a boat that give them an edge over others.

“We take a great deal of pride in our boats like many do, but we also take even more pride in our owners that represent our products and brand.”

For this, DCB is proving why the outboard shift is rapidly becoming one of the hottest tickets on the water.