DCB is by far the favorite West Coast Performance powerboat and while we may not see many on the east coast things are changing. At this years Florida Powerboat Club, Miami Boat Show Poker Run, DCB showed up in force. In total four DCB’s made the run and made an impression. The rougher than usual conditions didnt place one bit of pause for these guys. One 41 and three 35’s made the run down from Miami and back without a glitch.

n nearly every row of boats rafted up off the sea wall at Holiday isle we found a version of the popular DCB M series wide body boats. DCB boats are easily recognizable based on unique hull characteristics and vents that set that boat apart. Its exciting to see the growing numbers and were glad they braved the winter chill to hang out with everyone on the east side. You can be sure to see more and more east coast representation of this premier boat brand.