That’s right! For all of you who think you might have been to or seen a GIANT, HUMONGOUS, ENORMOUS boating event somewhere… Well, if it wasn’t Lake Cumberland then you literally haven’t seen anything. Sure, everywhere claims to be big but if one place wants to throw down the gauntlet, then I’m pretty sure that after The 2016 State Dock Lake Cumberland Poker Run, they are the current champion.

Estimates put the raft up at between 1,100 to 1,200 boats and 7,000 people ON THE WATER! No, not land folks. This is the MEGA boating party at its best. It is the true Mardi Gras of boating as this event has a mixture of numerous events and high points all blended into one event. It encompasses a floating city of over 1,500 house boats and slips at State Dock where everyone who attends gathers, socializes, eats, drinks and eventually sleeps (VERY little).  The house boat village is so much fun, and the uniqueness and cool factor are outrageously over the top. It could be considered an Adult Disneyland. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet and greet so many powerboat enthusiasts!

Everyone stays on the docks and doesn’t leave so the vibe, camaraderie, and party are unmatched anywhere we have ever been. It’s the very best parts of say, Key West, Desert Storm, Pirates of Lanier, and Tickfaw all rolled into one!

Powerboating’s who’s who were on hand and ourselves along with industry leaders Sunsation Powerboats and Performance Boat Center provided the means for what will go down in history now as one of the MUST SEE/MUST ATTEND powerboating parties of the year. How can we say this? Well, we put on the industries’ #1 party in Miami every year and we along with support from our friends here have created a monster powerboat party experience that we are committed to making bigger and better as we go forward!

Lake Cumberland is an experience that can only be understood by attending and if you want to really enjoy it all,  get in line because the wait for a proper houseboat on the dock is as equally as big as the event itself!