As big as Powerboat Nation has become we remain close to our powerboating friends that we see all throughout the year.  This year we were privileged to be invited to take part in Angela Goldbaugh Surprise birthday party by her husband Mike!

I cant think of a better place to have a surprise birthday party for such a avid powerboating enthusiast than on the dock at the Lake Cumberland Poker Run.  The entire scheme was planned well in advance by Mike and at the prescribed time Angela was walked away on a diversion for about 30 minutes while their houseboat was quickly transformed into a birthday bash complete with decorations, cake, and packed with boating friends from all over the country.  After a few wasted surprises on some last minute arrivals Angela walked through the door was was for sure SURPRISED!

Congratulations on a great 40th Birthday and thank you for inviting PBN to take part!