In the early 1990’s I was assigned to U. S. Coast Guard Station Lake St Clair, the famous wide spot in the shipping channel separating Lake Huron from Lake Erie also know as Detroit, Michigan.  Always a performance boat nut I would cruise the Coast Guard Boats up to Metro Park every weekend and take in the sights.  Always tied up at Metro was a strong and loyal contingent of Sunsation Powerboat owners.  The local Schaldenbrand Boys had made a name for themselves and there was always a pack of Sunsations gathered with the owners beaming and making runs from Harsen’s Island, back out to gull and usually some sort of impromptu raft up around Muscamoot Bay.

Well today the Schaldenbrand’s have come along way but still stuck to their simple principles of down to earth honesty and commitment to build the very best.  The huge number of Sunsations at the Lake Cumberland Poker Run is a strong measurement to just how well regarded their boats are today.  Sunsations everywhere and proud owners running together celebrating the Sunsation Powerboat Lifestyle!

Powerboat Nation was privileged to be able to take the new 32 CCX out for a day of boating we have an exclusive performance report coming shortly.

We hope you enjoy our little SUNSATION video!