For many of us, a weekend with friends hanging out on what many might consider the floating version of a single wide trailer would be great. While the company we kept made the stay fabulous, the accommodations were, well, let’s just say they are what we at PBN call “FINE” (as in a nice way of saying lacking at best).

But a new world was presented to us at this years Lake Cumberland poker run event. When you meander down the launch ramp you come across what can only be defined as a floating city. With a single point of contact from land to one walkway, an entire city of HUMONGOUS houseboats awaits.

There are hundreds of 100’+ three story extravagant mansions of houseboats. It’s like being in Fort Lauderdale where all of the Yachts are parked, but these are fresh water, floating pontoon houseboats.

If the boats aren’t enough to dazzle you, the city of individual outdoor kitchens and lounges that accompany every boat will. Nearly every boat dock sports a 50″ flat screen, stainless sinks, fridge, pizza ovens, and full blown bars. These are the accommodations on the dock before you even enter the houseboats.

This is a social mecca to the boating lifestyle that until now we just couldn’t even fathom. The accommodations here have left us voting State Dock as one of our favorites. Here’s a short clip to experience the reality.