With nearly a year under their belt and over 40 hours of testing at speeds in excess of 190mph in the Platinum Skaters it’s become apparent that’s there’s even more to be had from these engines.

While originally only equipped with the PCM 555 Originally used on the 1350-1650 engines because of some dash comparability features. Platinum Skater owners have pushed the request for even more data for the development purposes aiding in a safer 200mph plus capable journey that the OEM computers become archaically limited as the power levels escalate

Goodwin’s commitment to the marine engine market runs deep and has set fourth the development of a proprietary engine management system that will further expansion of the company’s engine offerings. These features raise today’s standards by yet another notch.

Owner of Goodwin Competition Todd Goodwin states there is nothing in this industry today that comes close to our package as they have had numerous features and codes written to fit the needs specifically of a high performance marine engine.

Not only will the tuning accessibility be superior but the data collected will help boat builders improve a boats many systems that are in connection with the engine such as cooling and fuel delivery. Additional warning systems that provide safety features to the engine will provide a huge advantage to the engines durability and long life span.