Abu Dhabi’s Grand Prix is already making headlines with its second high impact crash in as many days. Yesterday, Sweden’s Jesper Forss slammed into Motorglass F1 Team’s Austrian driver Bernd Enzenhofer mangling both boats severely and eliminating any chance of a Grand Prix start. “I took my line and made my turn quite narrow. My radio man told me somebody is coming but I had already made my turn, could do nothing and then I was hit. His boat rolled over the top of me and my boat is completely damaged.” said a bitterly disappointed Enzenhofer.

Making it even worse is the fact that the crash location was almost the exact same spot that Forrs lost control and crashed the previous day. According to F1h2o, Forrs failed to make the tight left turn and smashed into Enzenhofer at high speed, before spinning completely around and cartwheeling through the air.

Team owner Jonas Andersson reports that his driver is okay and recovering after being taken to the nearest hospital for check-ups. Andersson also said that the team could possibly have the spare boat ready in time but that the decision to race will be up to Forrs. One can only hope that such unique back to back crashes are an anomaly and that the rest of the Grand Prix will be crash free and safe.