Goodwin Competition is a name you know. Whether referring to car racing, performance engine manufacturing, or power boating, Goodwin Competition tops the list when it comes to power, speed, and overall performance.

Established in 1984, Goodwin started out small developing cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and camshaft combinations, but in 1986 quickly exploded onto the front pages of the performance industry with the development of their 440 Super Stock Dodge Dart that beat the national record by two tenths of a second at Indianapolis. With the realization that Goodwin Competition had the potential to be much more than just a breathing package developer, the company quickly expanded into a full on machine shop servicing all aspects of the performance engine industry. In the Marine industry they are best know for the high performance packages used in a number of boats, such as Bill Pyburn’s latest Pure Platinum Skater.

Their current state of the art shop, completed in 2003, is set up to do virtually anything you can think of. From R&D and prototype work, to the custom machining of cylinder heads and blocks, if you can think it, they can design it. However, they don’t stop there. They also have several Dyno’s with which they tune your engine to reach its maximum potential every single second that it’s running.

Clearly one of the best and most sophisticated facilities in the nation, Goodwin Competition and the knowledgeable staff by which it is run should be the first place you turn to when in need of performance.

This week we’re up to show you best and the baddest Goodwin Competition has to offer.

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