LAKE RACE 1: Strictly Business, Deception, Simmons, Mama Win

LAKE RACE 1: Strictly Business, Deception, Simmons, Mama Win

Photos by Brad Glidewell

Driving on a counterclockwise rotation on the Lake of the Ozarks, racers mounted their second of six meets in the OPA/P1 season as half a dozen classes kicked off competition on Saturday.

In the most exciting action of the day, #651 Deception took unofficial first place in Class 6 after running six laps. Cool Breeze Propellers, featuring the Smith Brothers Offshore Racing Team, took second place, with NuWave Marine in third. 

Class 3 entries ran eight laps for a total 44 miles, as Strictly Business and Advanced Marine traded first-place positions. Strictly Business, with veteran racer Johnny Stanch, was victorious in his 35′ Fountain

In Class 2, #218 Mama Ain’t Happy—a twin-outboard Wright Performance hull—led the race to finish first unofficially, with Advanced Marine Racing coming in second.

Class 6, a 70-mph bracket class, saw #651 Deception (with driver Jesse Schmig and throttleman Robert Bryant) taking the checkered flag against second-place Cool Breeze Propellers and third-place finisher NuWave Marine. #635 Throttle Therapy experienced a technical snafu and did not finish the race.

In Class 4,—winner of last month’s season-kickoff Thunder in Cocoa Beach—was first in the class. Competitor Team Woody left the race after losing an ignition coil. 

Knucklehead Instigator ran uncontested in Vee Extreme class.