Oxidean Upgrades RC Catamaran Model and Graphics

Oxidean Upgrades RC Catamaran Model and Graphics

Oxidean Marine, builder of remote-controlled speedboats, has added a new model to its line and is continuing to perfect the existing models in its mini-stable with improved graphics.

Company founder Bill Oxidean, an avid radio-controlled boat racer, is marketing an updated version of his catamaran model. It features battery “modules” that adjust back and forth to manipulate weight distribution. “No other RC boat has this system,” he says. “We call it the Animal Twin Cat Modulated Version.”

Along with the catamaran, Oxidean also sells two versions of its deep-vee RC boat: the Dominator 33-inch deep vee (4-6s lipo) and the Super Dominator 33-inch deep vee (4-6s lipo).

Meanwhile, he’s offering a wider range of graphic elements. “We’re now able to offer a variety of sparkly graphics that we didn’t have before,” he tells Powerboat Nation. “We can put the new colors on both the Cat and the Dominator.”

Oxidean uses high-quality composites for its RC hulls, which are hand-laid with full epoxy resin. These boats are constructed using high-quality carbon fiber and carbon/kevlar aramid weaves. Oxidean Marine doesn’t even offer fiberglass hulls, which sets their creations apart from most any other mass-produced RC boats. He uses 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum hardware and high-grade screws to prevent corrosion. The hulls look absolutely breathtaking in person, displaying beautiful workmanship and finish unlike any other boats in their class. These boats are capable of reaching blistering speeds right out of the box, from 60-80+ mph. That makes them the very fastest in their class the world over.

Oxidean Marine’s boats are a genuine delight to hobbyists and high-performance boating enthusiasts alike. It’s a natural fit for Oxidean, who has been drag-racing a full-size jetboat on the Lucas Oil circuit and in the National Jet Boat Association’s 10-second class. He’s also been a pro-sponsored RC boat racer for close to 20 years, and has taken his R&D skills to a new level in developing these products.

In addition to the RC boats, Oxidean offers some really cool swag: From their hoodies and tees in assorted colors, to trucker hats, and women’s tank tops. So do your RC boating in style—Oxidean Marine’s got you covered. For more information, visit Oxidean online at oxideanmarine.com, or call (415) 937-3673.