PBN Shatters Social Media Record Breaking 100,000 Facebook Fans!

PBN Shatters Social Media Record Breaking 100,000 Facebook Fans!

Powerboat Nation is smashing through all barriers of the performance power boating world connectivity.  On February 8th of this year we proudly announced we had reached the 20,000 fan mark on Facebook. (Read Here), and today we broke right through the 100,000 mark as we continue to blow everyone away within this space of power boating, as well as in other aspects of the industry.

Why? It’s the fact we socially interact and communicate with more boaters than any other entity and have multi platformed our entire presence which includes active participation in the very thing we represent. Powerboat Nation is the only online boating media enterprise that owns a boat, actually goes boating, suffers the same hurdles and obstacles as our readers do, and we have a full time staff behind the scenes dedicated to powerboating only.  More and more readers look to us for the latest in power boating news and information.

Just three and a half years ago, when we launched Powerboat Nation  we knew then we needed to be different. We knew the media world was vastly different from the past and  tomorrow’s customer would demand a different experience. That experience needed to develop a community where enthusiasts could share their boating experiences, likes, and dislikes without being crucified as was taking place in the old world of the fading and viscous forums. At PBN we didn’t let the patients run the insane asylum we managed the house and provided a welcoming experience not seen anywhere else.

As of late, the struggle and now almost inability for the powerboating world to attract new, younger customers has become a huge challenge. The major changes to modern media has been something the powerboating world had been resistant to as well as slow to adapt to on all levels. PBN’s ability to recognize change and continually be ahead of the curve has allowed us to dominate the industry on every level and bring the world of powerboating to a much larger and broader audience.

With the challenge of an entry level boat costing upwards of $200K, it is an even larger challenge to bring in new customers and keep them. The wake board or tow boat market is on fire, producing over 25 boats A WEEK, with an entry price of $100K. With the aggressive marketing of this segment, they have been pummeling performance power boating by attracting new boat owners with great value for the boating experience. We knew that in order to bring the excitement of the sport we love to new people of younger generations, we would have to be a company that lives in the now and not the past. For our sport, keeping a larger audience is vital to any chance of sustainability and how we are able to attract new buyers to this world is the key to much larger success for everyone.

The experience and support of our advertisers across our multi-platform media packages and social media is just one part of our winning consumer experience. We couldn’t have done it alone! We are extremely grateful to our legions of loyal supporters who have rode along with us this far and are sure to be around when we hit the next bench mark years ahead of everyone else!