Powerboat Nation is thrilled to have Allan “Brownie” Brown on board with us as a contributing editor.  In our world Brownie is a living legend.  He has seen it but more importantly he has done it. Brownie is a real engineer whose experience spans over 60 years in the marine industry. He has developed propulsion, hydraulic, electrical, and exhaust systems for some of the best known names in the business.

Over the years he has served as: Director of Product Development for Cigarette Racing Team; President and CEO of Cougar Marine, who built powerboats winning 33 consecutive offshore races including 12 World and National Championships; Director of Product Development for Stainless Marine; Project Engineer for Gentry Transatlantic on the “Gentry Eagle,” a 113’ mega-yacht that held the transatlantic speed crossing record; Product Development Consultant for Teleflex Marine; and General Manager of Donzi Marine.

Brownie is widely regarded as a mechanical and powerboat genius. Pete Smythe, Editor of Motorboating Magazine, wrote: “Brownie is generally considered to have more engineering moxie than anyone else in the high performance boat business.” Hotboat Magazine wrote that “Brownie’s experience in the business is second to none, with almost 50 years of high performance expertise in building, driving and designing every part of a raceboat.” Powerboat Magazine called Brownie a “mechanical wizard”.

We are beyond thrilled to have Brownie with us and all of our readers should be even more excited and looking forward to his wonderful contributions that are dead on accurate and filled with wonderful humor!