As the world continues to change it’s amazing how the crew or team of people who support the powerboating world’s media segment has not. At this year’s Key West event the folks from SOTW hosted what we think is their third get together for their supporters. It becomes the rarest of scenarios in this segment that exists when all of the key individuals from each segment of the performance powerboat market actually get along and even support each other. (Even if it seems we don’t at times… wink).

While some of the brand names might seem new they are all basically the best parts of what spun off of previous segments of the magazine world into what today is recognized as the life blood of the marine media. From Chris Davidson and Ray Lee of Speed Boat, to our hosts Matt Trulio and Jason Johnson of Speed on the Water, and of course ourselves with Brad Schoenwald of Powerboat Nation.

The fellas at SOTW run a rather conservative approach so we brought our entourage and beautiful models to sprinkle a little sunshine and girl glitter on the event as Matt Trulio delivered a riveting heart felt speech to the crowd. Thanks again to the SOTW guys.